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IRS & Tax Solutions Guide & Forms

IRS & Tax Solutions Guide & Forms

Designed for those who are experiencing tax issues and/or tax problems.  It is now easier than ever to resolve IRS tax issues with an Offer in Compromise. We'll show you how!  Our online guide will give you the answers you need to deal with your Tax and IRS problems today.  Additionally, a free consultation is waiting for you if you should need one.  We're here to help.

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How to
Stall Collectors
How to
Reduce Taxes
How to
Fight an Audit
How to
Protect Yourself

Is the IRS giving you problems? They can be more trouble than you think you can handle and in the end, most people just end up giving away all of their hard earned money. Before you pull out your check book why don't you reconsider your options and fight the IRS. More than 30,000 people each year go up against the IRS. Your chance of winning, or at least lowering your tax, is excellent. Once you have decided to fight your case you are on the right track. 80% of the people that fight the IRS end up settling out of court. If you have been audited you have nothing to lose.

What Happens If the IRS is After You?

When it comes to the IRS, there's no place to hide. They will eventually find you regardless of how many times you've moved—even if you've changed your name. A network of state and federal computer systems afford the IRS access to you. Additional methods of tracking are provided through your state tax agencies, motor vehicle departments, unemployment offices, public welfare agencies, professional licensing boards, and even through your voter registration records. It’s impossible to hide.

Therefore, if you owe the IRS money for taxes, deal with them as soon as possible. Putting off the inevitable with cost you as much in additional interest and penalties as it will extra aggravation and anxiety—not to mention irritate the IRS. But before approach the IRS, be sure you've protected your assets so you can bargain with the IRS more on your terms—not its terms!

"The lawyer acted promptly, courteously and effectively, all of which pleased me and comforted me in a time of impending disaster."
Coral Gables, Florida

"Thank you, and everyone at Grace Forms for looking out for me--'The Little Guy'"
Clinton Township, Michigan

"It is very comforting to know that if a legal matter arises you are there, poised and ready to assist me and my family. Becoming a customer was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made."
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I will never be without Grace Forms."
Jackson, Tennessee

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