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Adoption Guide

Adoption Guide

With so many different types of adoptions and ways to file, it is easy to become overwhelmed. You want your adoption to be done correctly. There are several ways in which you can file for an adoption. We will give you the essential information that will help you make the decision on which road is best for you and your family.

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Adoption Kit

How to adopt
your stepchild

How to adopt
Who can
Adopt a Child?
What are the
laws on adoption?

The private adoption permits the birth parent to make their own adoption plan with the adoptive parent(s), assuming the whereabouts of the birthparent is known or involved. This type of adoption can happen without the intervention of a government agency or social worker. Many private adoptions take place in variety of circumstances. Obviously if the birth parent(s) are known and there are mutual agreements the process is simple.

A simple private adoption can be done without a lawyer-using the our do-it-yourself adoption kit.

Many adoptive parents around the nation have been successful using the adoption kit-saving thousands of dollars, without hiring a lawyer. It all begins with the "Petition For Adoption" which is contained in the kit. Just complete the blanks in the petition (some questions may not pertain-just mark N/A), sign and notarize and submit to your court of jurisdiction together with a request for hearing and notice of hearing contained in the kit.

We have included all of the forms with a step-by-step guide to help you complete you adoption with no problems. Adoption should not be a complex task nor should it cost you thousands of dollars. If your adoption is between to consenting parties you can do-it-yourself. Why spend thousands of dollars on legal fees.

When you are getting started in the adoption process, one of he most significant things you will do is establish your general attitudes and philosophies about adoption. This will provide the foundation upon which you will build your adoption experience, and the framework of how you will work through the adoption process. So building a correct foundation will be essential to you having a successful and enjoyable experience with adoption.

"The lawyer acted promptly, courteously and effectively, all of which pleased me and comforted me in a time of impending disaster."
Coral Gables, Florida

"Thank you, and everyone at Grace Forms for looking out for me--'The Little Guy'"
Clinton Township, Michigan

"It is very comforting to know that if a legal matter arises you are there, poised and ready to assist me and my family. Becoming a customer was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made."

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